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The Hawaiian Archipelago is well regarded as one of the most beautiful locations in the world, and for good reason. From the sheer cliffs and deep chasms of Kauai to the fiery flanks of the Big Island’s Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii is nothing short of spectacular. Indeed, its diversity of natural wonders is equally matched by its wide array of flora and fauna that call Hawaii home; plants from around the world along with many endemic species flourish in its forgiving and favorable climate, while shallow coastal waters running the perimeter of the islands harbor an immeasurable level of marine life. Equally impressive is the unique history that has shaped the islands to what they are today, and the rich culture that native Hawaiians have developed since their first arrival over a millennium ago. One could spend a lifetime exploring the many facets of the Islands and still barely scratch the surface.

KapohoKine Adventures and Zipline Through Paradise would like to welcome friends and family, strangers and locals, past guests and future ones alike to join us as we aim to delve deeper into a wide array of topics that make the Hawaiian Islands such a unique corner of the already amazing world that we live in. Through the combination of words, photographs and other forms of digital media our goal here at KapohoKine Adventures and Zipline Through Paradise is that this blog and the writings to follow will take a closer look at the places, people, stories, and oddities that define Hawaii. As well, we hope that this blog will not only aid in the understanding of the topics discussed, but that it will also help foster a deeper appreciation and connection to the wonders of the islands to both the local and international community alike. Ultimately, we simply aim to give credit to where credit is due: to all the things that make Hawaii one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Since KapohoKine Adventures and Zipline Through Paradise are based and operated out of Kona and Hilo, much of the focus of this blog will be upon the Big Island itself and the locations and communities therein. This is an incredibly wide topic, however, and the articles will transcend multiple genres; from wildlife to white sand, active volcanoes to deep oceans, extreme climates to chirping coqui frogs, cans of SPAM to Uncle Robert, sugar cane to the progression of the Hawaiian language, and everywhere in between. Any topic that could be discussed on one of our tours is fair game and will be elaborated upon here.

Stay tuned, more to come!

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