Kilauea Hike and Flow (Kohala Pick Up)

Explore Kilauea’s most recent eruption and historic lava flows.


Exploring Hawaii Island’s explosive side on foot is what this tour is all about. Hike to Kilauea’s historic lava flow from 2018, an imposing wall of black lava covering the highway, and follow the flow to where it entered the ocean and changed the shape of the island. Step over cracks and sink holes left behind by the eruption in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Tour also visits Volcano Winery, Kaumana Caves, Kilauea Iki, Volcano House and Steaming Bluffs. Tour includes a two mile hike on partial pavement and one mile hike on black lava plus shorter walks. Entrance fees, picnic lunch and Hawaiian-Style BBQ dinner all included. Approx 13 hours.

Explore Kilauea’s most recent eruption and historic lava flows.

Exploring Hawaii Island’s explosive side on foot is what this tour is all about. Hike Kilauea lava flows dating back to 1881 up to the historic flows of 2018. First, you’ll travel across Saddle Road between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, two of the tallest and most massive volcanoes on Earth. Your National Park Service certified guide will discuss the volcanology, geology, and history of these monstrous wonders, as well as providing in-depth narration on the various lava flows and flora and fauna that you’ll be passing by. Explore Kaumana Caves, part of the lava tube system that brought lava 1.5 miles from Hilo-town in 1881. Take a peek inside the dramatic cathedral-like space, before taking a quick drive through quaint Hilo town where you’ll drive along the historic waterfront before stopping at KapohoKine Adventures store to pick up supplies. You’re headed to Mackenzie State Recreation Area next. The highway here was closed by the marching 40 foot tall wall of crumbly a’a lava as it continued to the sea. Take a hike along the now-closed highway, and then follow the lava flow through the pine forest to the altered coastline and cliffs overlooking the new black sand beach. A picnic-style lunch will be served here amongst the pine trees, weather permitting. Next travel to the crown jewel of Hawaii, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Visit the Kilauea Visitor’s Center, the Kilauea Iki Crater Overlook, and Steaming Bluffs. Hike out to Keanakakoi Crater and walk over the most recent cracks and sink holes left behind by the historic eruption of 2018. Enjoy the views of Kilauea Caldera from the famous Volcano House. Visit Volcano Winery, the southernmost winery in the United States. The Winery remained open daily throughout the eruption despite hundreds of earthquakes every day. Drive over cracks left in the road to the Winery, reminders of the summer of 2018. Take a private tour of the vineyard and winery then sample up to eight different types of wines, varying from sweet to dry, and all with a unique Hawaiian flare. The Volcano Winery also has estate grown teas to taste and soft drinks and water are also included. After sampling beverages, you’ll enjoy a hearty Hawaiian-style BBQ dinner with a complimentary glass of your choice of Volcano Winery wine or other beverage.

Kilauea Hike and Flow Itinerary

Timing subject to change:

Kona 7:45 (8:20 no Kohala)
Kohala 8:45
Kaumana Caves 10:00 – 10:30
Hilo 10:45 (pick up guests and/or lunch)
Mackenzie 11:45 – 1:10 (lunch)
Painted Church 1:30 – 1:50 H
VNP 2:50 – 4:50 (VIS, IKI, Mauna Ulu, Keanakakoi, VH, Steam)
Winery 5:00 – 6:00 (dinner)
HVNP (whatever is left) 6:10 – 7:00
Hilo 7:45
Kohala 9:15 (9:00 if no Hilo)
Kona 10:15 (9:35 no Kohala, 9:00 if also no Hilo)

Operates 7 days